Speak Your Truth

I woke up today feeling a little anxious as to whether or not I should write about a matter that has been playing on my mind… Before I dive in, I just wanted to say I appreciate everyone who takes the time out to read my blogs! It has been so rewarding emotionally to letContinue reading “Speak Your Truth”


If you are reading this out loud, say this with me ‘Access Denied’, You heard. Blocked, shut off, barred… Whatever you wanna call it. Mi done! LOL “I AM FREE” You might be thinking, ‘What on earth is this lady talking about’. Are you ready?… If you have read or glimpse my blogs “It’s okContinue reading “ACCESS DENIED!!!”


As I reflect on my journey of growth and purpose, I know that I am getting closer to building the life I deserve. What I have come to realise is that me taking that leap of faith to move forward, meant I needed to take step back and look at the bigger picture in orderContinue reading “LIMITATIONS…”


Today, I will be diving into a subject that touched on my nerves just a tad. Some may be able to relate… A few nights ago I was talking to an old male friend of mine, (Covid-19 has everyone is reaching out). The conversation went like this. Lets just call him ‘Q’… He doesn’t readContinue reading “LOVE vs CONVENIENCE”

Reach Out

I hesitated whether or not I should write this… I assume that after reading this some of you may see me in a different light. For those who see me post pictures/quotes on social media you might think, “Shit, I didn’t know this”, but me starting this blog is a journey of transparency and healing.Continue reading “Reach Out”


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